Evelyn Z. Rasmussen Jackson

Profile Updated: June 26, 2017
Residing In Kaysville, UT USA
Spouse/Partner Husband Steve died in Oct. 2013.
Occupation Retired
Children Greg, 1970; Jennifer, 1972; Mindy, 1974; Emily, born & died 1976; Ben, 1978; Lydia, 1980; Clayton, 1983.

Family moved from Boise, Idaho, to Layton, Utah, on Halloween of 1965. Hated moving and leaving all my friends. Had lived in Boise for 16 years. Had been a student at Borah High School, the newest and most impressive High School in Idaho. Our student body numbered 2,400. We won the State Football championship every year! When I entered Davis High, I heard from quite a few kids that Davis had taken State in football. My first reaction was: "And..?" I was not that impressed. I thought Davis was so old and antiquated. It was hard to walk in and register that first day, not knowing a soul in the whole school. But, I made new friends. In time, I became VERY impressed that Davis had taken State. I began to love Davis! I loved that it was so old and full of history. By the time I graduated, I knew that moving here was one of the best things that ever happened to me! There never would have been the experience of Camelot if I had stayed in Idaho. I have such great affection for all of you! Wish I had gotten to know more of you in my short time at Davis.

School Story

The first day I entered Davis High, I registered and got my schedule. Someone from the office then walked me to the class I was supposed to be in at that hour. The class was Jr. Choir. I was introduced as a transfer student from Idaho, and that my name was Evelyn Rasmussen. There was some laughter from the class, and Mr. Parker said, "But we already have one of those!" Thus began the strange, fun experience of being one of the two Evelyn Rasmussens at Davis High. We became close friends. The coincidences in our lives were surprising! Here are a few: both our mothers are named Lois, we each have a brother named Richard, both played Guinevere in Camelot, we graduated with the exact same grade point average, each won an academic scholarship to Weber, and get this: we both married guys named Gary! Sadly, both ended up divorcing the guys named Gary. And 50 years after graduation, we both happen to live fairly close to each other in good old Kaysville, UT.

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Evelyn Z ~ It is so fun to read about your history...some of which I knew, other I did not. You have a lovely family. I remember both of the Evelyn's in Camelot. Such a great musical! I hope you are planning on attending our GOLDEN 50th. It should be fun and very interesting to catch up with everyone.

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